Thursday, March 19, 2015

Wings of Lucky Escape

Last night at the club I took to the air again, this time in a Sopwith Snipe accompanied by Mark B who had control of another Snipe and an Airco DH.4 on a mission deep inside enemy territory.  We flew straight into a flock of Fokkers: two yellow ones flown Stephen N, a zebra flown by Greg and the Red Baron himself flown by Matthew on his first flight.

I'm bottom right hand corner, very close to the edge.

Into the storm,  This turned out to be a game of chicken that resulted in various levels of damage  inflicted due to collisions.

Greg in the zebra stripped Fokker and I have flipped over executing Immelmann turns to get into a tailing position.  May guns jammed.

More games of chicken.  Around this time I realised I needed to fly further into German territory to complete the mission.

The DH.4 observer gets in a shot.

Mark B sets the poor Red Baron on fire.

Again I have set myself up well only to have my guns jam.

And I'm getting a lot of attention.

The DH.4 gets a kill.  However both it and Mark B's Snipe have taken a lot of damage and head for home.

Leaving me, on fire, deep in enemy territory to battle my way out alone.

And I did it!

I was extremely lucky.  Stephen was able to catch me in the end, but suffered a gun jam on his closing burst.  Phew!

The unofficial leaderboard, noting that flying two planes counts as two sorties and doubles your chances of deaths and kills.


  1. Great looking game. I have never played one of these aerial games or even seen one being played. Does everything happen in just the two dimensions or do the rules contemplate altitude changes too?

  2. It is a fun game. Works straight out of the box. Very easy to pick up and add players. Also visually appealing and being WW!, topical.

    It does have altitude rules, but our experience is they are rarely used unless you are trying to get away.

    In last nights game, when I was obviously fleeing the plane closest to me dived, expecting me to do the same, but I didn't. So, I outsmarted him then, but in the following moves he guessed my moves and caught me.

    1. Thanks for your answer. I keep seeing the starter sets and like the look of it. Do the stands come with it or did you make those yourself?

    2. The stands come with the models. You can buy extra lengths if needed, but it is a fiddly way of showing altitude. Check out the aerodrome site.

  3. Another cool report, Mark. The one time I played X-Wing, it seemed to me it was WW1 flying with some SF chrome bolted on. If I had to choose between the two, I would definitely pick WoW. You make it sound like a lot of fun, and it has been a gaming love of mine for a long time, since I first played an old Avalon Hill game called Richtofen's War. Very dull cardboard pieces compared to the models, but it did have a nice map.

    1. Thanks. Re WOW I am lucky to be able to play using Stephen's collection as he has just about everything plane type covered.