Saturday, March 7, 2015

Spanish Reina Dragoon Regiment

This post was inspired by this post from Carlo.

Seeing his post reminded me that I had painted up a Spanish Dragoon regiment to "use up" some Old Glory SYW 15mm figures I had somehow acquired (I'm guessing they were a pass off or part of a bigger deal or something).  These would have been painted some ten or twenty years ago.  They are the only Spanish I have (so far).  They have seen action substituting as Prussian HC.

As they say, too pretty not to show.

Looking at them now, I can see I had a problem with the yellow.  It has gone on too thick and obscured the detail of the fabric folds.


  1. These fellows look very good to me Mark - lovely unit.

  2. I always have problems with yellow colors, don't know why...bu yours is good, and this regiment is looking very nice!