Thursday, March 5, 2015

Contact Patrol

Stephen N, whose collection all these planes are from, set up a reconnaissance mission for two Bristol Fighters to fly across the battlefield and return.  Waiting for them were three Fokkers.

With my new found knowledge I will embellish this a contact patrol.  Such patrols were conducted during offensives.  The planes would fly over the front and sound klaxon horns and the advanced infantry would set off flares allowing the planes to mark their position and then report back to high command.

Mark B and myself took a Bristol each (I'm the half painted one).  Stephen N is the yellow Fokker, Stephen B the zebra and, welcoming a new player to Wings of Glory in his first game, Oliver in the red Fokker.

Contact!  Poor bloody infantry down in the mud.

A pair of Bristol Fighters.

Incoming Fokkers.

Not the kind of contact expected, but the collision knocks out one Fokker and gives me a kill.

Very next go my companion gets a good burst in on the yellow Fokker and boom!

A more aesthetically pleasing explosion. 

Prior to this pass by the red Fokker, the two Bristols had collided.  I almost got my second kill, but it would have been a home goal.  Mark B collected 10 points of damage from the contact.

We head for home.

I had collected four damage cards, but they were all zero.  The red Fokker had taken some damage (I forget exactly, might have been nine plus a pilot wound).

And as my good fortune (which is a bit of an understatement) continues, here is the updated, but totally unofficial, leader board for 2015.


  1. Nice report, love these pictures...

    1. Thanks. The terrain boards made for unexpectedly good flying/photography conditions.