Saturday, November 29, 2014

Wings of Glory Play by Email - World Series

This year I've been fortunate to participate in a number of Wings of Glory games played by email.  My gratitude goes to the game masters as they sure would have had a challenging task.

This particular game was organised by Mark G.

Its "America's (Central Powers) V Rest of the World (Entente)"

Entente: SPAD XII's, Se5a's,Sopwith Camels, Sopwith Triplane's
Central Powers: Focker Dr1's, Fokker DVII's, Albatros DVa's

Here is the allocation of players and planes for the Entente :

U Deck
Dave  H1   Tripehound  Collinshaw
Drone H2  Tripehound Little
Brian  H3  Tripehound Dallas

N Deck
Paul  H4  SE5a W
Per-Gunnar  H5  SE5a Y
Jon H. H6  Se5a Z

C Deck
Joaquim  K1   Camel Blue
Jan  K2  Camel Stackard
Jason  K3  Camel Barker
Mark H.  K4  Camel Ellwood
Andy J. K5  Camel Brown
Peter S. L1 Camel Olieslagers
Me L2 Camel Chequers

A Deck
Tim  L3 SPAD Rickenbacker
Andrej  L4  SPAD Fonck
Drone  M1 SPAD Baracca
David P. M2 SPAD Madon
Paolo M3 SPAD Caodou
Miguel M4 SPAD Luke
Myron M5 SPAD Guynemer

S Deck
Drone  N1  Brisfit  Harvey
Drone  N2  Brisfit  Arkell

I was K4.

Starting position.

At the end of the first turn it is not going well for me, luckily just four damage points.

Turn five saw me in lots of action.  Unfortunately I took five hits and my engine started smoking.

My friend Myron in H2 gets a little Triplane on Triplane action getting a kill.  Myron had originally started in a Spad, but after being shot down took over H2 which had been a drone.

Turn 10 and I get a third of a kill.  As the Hun plane disintegrates the pilot is heard to say
 "Oh no!  I don’t think it is very fair to have three Britishers shoot at me "

Oh dear, things are not going good for me.  I take another four hits (now on 13) and my engine starts smoking again.  Can I hold my crate together?

Almost the at the end.  I'm still hanging on in there and I get a kill.  How good is that!

The game took about two months with roughly two turns per week.  Only challenge was that I was in another PBEM game at the same time and had to keep my wits about me and my record keeping sharp.

Thanks Mark G for running a great game.


  1. Wow I have no idea how you all worked that out. How did you all keep on top of your move cards?

    1. For a player each turn is basically now more complex than picking your three movement cards, exactly the same as face to face Wings of Glory.

      The hard work is done my the GM.

      The GM keeps damage inflicted on the enemy secret, apart from the visible stuff. But that is also standard WoG stuff. They have house rules which sometimes trip you up (like smoke damage causing a plane to lose altitude), but you have the rules they use so it's not just made up as you go along :-)

  2. Looks great. I picked up a load when they were wings of war. Great game!