Sunday, November 9, 2014

Chaeronea in 15mm using Field of Glory 2.0

Yesterday I was fortunate to take part in a refight of Chaeronea as part of the NWS battle day.  The aim was to refight the game with different rules and scales.  I had already had a go using DBA sometime back, the result of which can be found here:

The NWS post on this game, from the view of the Greek commander, can be found here:

The NWS post contains the Order of Battle.  What follows is my take, from my position as Phillip on the Macedonian right.  I also had some of my figures in use, but they were on the Greek side.

Looking from the Macedonian left to right.  The Greeks were deployed Thebans, Mixed States and Athenians from their right to left.  That meant I was facing the Athenians (my troops are in the top right hand corner of the photo).  

My figures provided the Theban Sacred Band.

The view of my part of the line, from the Athenian side.  I had a unit of superior Agrianian javelinmen deployed on the difficult hills that I thought were more than a match for the poor quality Athenian light troops facing them.  Next I had two units of superior Hypaspists commanded by Phillip (the long block of red uniforms).  A monster block of pike under the command of a general and finally the Companions, plus a stack of green dice.  I am facing an array of Hoplites holding higher ground which may offset my advantages of quality and armour.

Another look at the table, in the rooms of the North Perth Bowling Club.

My javelinmen advance.

Our forces hold their ground, just straightening the lines ready for an opportunity that the skirmishers would hopefully create.

My figures provided the Athenian light troops.

By turn three the Athenian commander was pulling his light troops back.  I really wanted them to stay and fight.

Phillip had advanced to make sure my javelinmen were suitably encouraged.

I considered my options and decided to tempt the Athenian heavy foot by expanding before them and showering them with taunts.

On the left flank our light troops had got stuck in, but it was not going well.  Unfortunately my figures, which were also being used for the Theban light foot, were fighting too well.

The taunting had worked and on turn five the Athenians advanced, along with the return of their light troops.  Their numbers meant their missile fire had more effect and my javelinmen took a casualty.

But the dye was cast.  We advanced to within 300 paces and the Greeks were faced with a dilemma: either try and hold 14 units or charge and lose the benefit of the high ground.  They charged.

With the exception of the cavalry and recovering light troops, the two armies were now locked in combat.  It was turn ten.

It was close, but quality and my attached commanders paid off.  Two units of Hoplites were disrupted and one fragmented by the Hypaspists.  The Pike block held its opponents to a draw.

At the point of impact the Greeks had 13 units against the Macedonian 12.  The results were 2 disrupted and 1 fragmented on the Macedonian side and 4 disrupted, 2 fragmented and 2 broken on the Greek side.

The fighting continued on turn eleven.

By the end of that turn the Hypaspists had broken their opponents.

Elsewhere along the line the Greeks were breaking.

The fighting continued to turn twelve,

But it was all over as the Greeks continued to break with no hope of recovery.

On the left the Theban Sacred Band are getting ready to make a last stand.  Despite some successes on this part of the battlefield, they were doomed.  But it is a nice shot of some of my figures.  Movement trays come in handy, especially for keeping troops lined up and stopping stand overlap

A quick shot of the 28mm game, at the time our game had finished.  Lots of movement trays in use here, and some very nice terrain and it goes with out saying, some beautiful figures.

The 28mm game was being fought with Clash of Empires, a rule set I am not familiar with.

Unfortunately I had to rush off to another engagement as soon as the 15mm game finished, but I certainly thought our game was a good outcome.  Winning helps, but there was plenty of action and decisions to make (I was glad I had committed my two generals to the combats from the very beginning as it certainly gave my units the edge. 


  1. Wow! awesome sight of great looking figures.....marvelous!

    1. Thanks, there was a good range of 15mm figures in use. Some had obviously seen a lot of battles.

  2. Really nicely done, I love the sight of a proper battle line stretching the length of the table a few ranks deep. It gives a real visual appeal and looks like an ancient battle. Good stuff !