Sunday, September 18, 2011

Operation Mercury - Part 1

I so enjoyed our game last week and having borrowed it from Richard to read the rules through in more detail, I couldn't resist the urge to set it up and play it solitaire.

This is the map and set up before the invasion.

20 May AM

Luftwaffe successfully flies interdiction mission over Maleme, but fails in the Heraklion area.  An air attack against a British task force in the Kythia Strait is driven off.  German air bombardment in Maleme sector meets with some success and the parachute drops go in without too much trouble although half the German artillery is lost and Sturm HQ is mauled.  A group of paratroops is surrounded outside Heraklion.  Fierce fighting took place around Galatas with the Germans starting to consolidate their position.  The heavy interdiction in the Maleme sector stopped the Allies from counterattacking.  The Australians were bloodily repulsed in an uncoordinated attack made against the surrounded paratroops near Heraklion who were desperately fighting for their lives.
These are the situations in the Maleme, Galatas and Suda sector and the Heraklion sector:

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