Saturday, September 24, 2011

25mm Metal Ancients - Javelinmen

This post was inspired by Tim Gow's post

First up here is an old and sadly poor quality photo that I scanned in that shows what is a WRG Ancients 6th addition game (or possibly even 5th edition) from the early 1980s.

At a guess the bulk of the figures would be from my friend Myron's collection.  I never had enough 25mm figures to do more than a nunit of barbarian javelinmen ... and here they are:

All Hinchcliffe with one Minifig ring-in to make up the unit.  I was going for the "hairy chested" look.  I also did something I thought was a good idea at the time and had removed their bases.  Doh!

Here are some more 25mm Ancient Javelinmen from my collection:

From left to right they are Hinchcliffe and then Minifigs PB121, PB16, PB177 and PB163.  The basing style was to match in with my playing surface which was a table-tennis table.

Nearly all of them have had their spears redone.  In fact, in taking the unit photo, one of the guys dropped his spear so I need to go find the superglue and effect a repair.


  1. Excellent - more veterans! Does this herald the start of another project?

  2. It would be a nostalgia project. Metal figures used to ne so hard to get in the 1970s when I started that the few I have from that period (nearly all singles) are kind of special.

  3. They're welcome on my wargames table anytime!

  4. In a wonderful bit of serendipity I just found these rules:

    Given my small assortment of 25mm metal Ancients these might just be the rules for me to use for gaming with them.