Sunday, February 6, 2011

Napoleon's Battles

It has been years since I last played a game of Napoleon’s Battles and I was thrilled to get the chance today to command an Austrian army comprising two corps.
Here are the Austrian’s deployed at the start.  The main strength was on their right where they had two divisions ready to push forward.

Here is the view of the French in the distance.  Note the marker used for denoting the brigade as well as for keeping track of casualties.

The battle commenced on the Austrian left, not according to their plans, but it seemed like an ideal opportunity to establish a position.  The French drew first blood, but a counterattack by Austrian Grenadiers saved the day.  A similar thing happened on the right, but here the Austrian strength significantly damaged the French when they were repulsed and the situation is ideal for them to press their advantage.  The Austrians just need to rally two brigades first.  Most of the damage was done in the fire phase.

In this last picture (end of turn five) note the French square, making a rather tempting target for the Austrians who have the initiative at turn six.

The figures are Old Glory 15mm from Richard's collection.

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