Friday, February 4, 2011

Dark Ages Go Magnetic

Something I should have done before the big move ...

I have embarked on putting all my figures on magnetic bases.  I started with my DBA Dark Ages collection (one of those that allows your to filed many different armies from on basic collection).  This was just to test how it would go.  I must say I was very happy, given that alot of the basing material is just recycled fridge magnets and the tray is from the $2 Reject Shop (or some such place).  I suppose it will be fine unless it gets some mead spilled on it.

The figures at the front are used for camp followers.

The figures are a mix of Essex (mounted), Tin Soldier, Jacobite and Mike's Models (I think).  The bulk of the foot were given to me decades ago by Myron Shipp and I am sure he is happy to know they are finally painted and have seen a good bit of use.

I am particularly fond of them as Saxons, and in this picture we see them deployed on a cold morning with the sun at their backs.

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  1. Sorry about the delay. I only just read your message on my blog about the Highlander.
    Your collection kicks mine into touch...the flags look excellent and I like the idea of using the loading figs as the standard bearers.
    You´ve go a follower mate :-D