Friday, February 4, 2011

Airfix Waterloo Highlanders

I consider these to be my first serious wargaming figures, acquired in the 1970s.  I first did the 92nd Gordon Highlanders with the yellow facings, then the 79th Highlanders with the green facings and with the figures I had left the 42nd The Black Watch Highlanders.  Originally they were just painted and played with singularly, then I repainted and based for Bruce Quarrie's Napoleonic rules (mid to late 1970s).  In the 1990s I rebased them for Napoleon's Battles and it is in this guise that you see them pictured here.

I suppose this could be the 5th Highland Division and to give the three brigades their Napoleon's Battles descriptors we have 24BrLN, 28BrLN and 16BrLN.

The poor drummer boy ... from my earlier post Cut Off At The Knees, you can see he has not mended properly.  I'm sure there is a medical condition for this.  I don't know how it happened, except doing it late at night, after possibly a few wines and with my diminished sight and mix of adhesives, I shouldn't be surprised.  Note his companion is fine.

The 42nd had suffered some misfortune in the move, but it was not plastic fatigue related and they repaired without trouble.

A final close up of the 79th Highlanders.

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  1. Ah, the laddies, some of my all time AirFix fellows. Mine regularly paraded at the AirFix Castle....true and unadorned happy times....thank you for sharing yours!