Wednesday, July 31, 2019

More Byzantine Reinforcements

The first of three new legions I am adding to my Byzantine Army, from a packet of Old Glory spearmen and archers.

The only embuggerance with these figures was that they came without hands cast to receive spears.  The spears I made easy enough from fencing wire, but drilling out the hands was a bit of a challenge (most noticeable on the guys holding their spear vertical).  Mark Woods recommended filing a groove into the fists that are to receive the spear and I did that with a few and it certainly gives a better result (I only got the advice when I was almost finished mucking about with them).

Now to get them to battle!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. They have nice sharp spears, but are yet to receive their flags and banners.

  2. Nice looking unit. I prefer drilling hands over other methods, but one has to adapt one's methods to the figures. One thing about the hassle, once done, they are pretty reliable for sturdiness.

    1. Thanks. The large hands on the Tin Soldier figures have been easy to drill, but these chaps were a tad small. Could be done, but it was a hit and miss affair. I have about 34 left to do.

      I can report that this unit fought well in it's first battle.