Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Kiev to Rostov via Vassal - GT63 and GT64

Mud and storms, mud and storms.  You can almost use the pictures to play spot the difference between the two turns except I've been able to use a different zoom to capture all the (non)action for GT64.

End GT63 north sector.

End GT63 south sector.

End GT64 and Axis forces are massing in the north, but so far unable to launch any attacks although they tried.

End GT64 and the Axis are very much stalled in the south as the Soviet defense line starts to thicken and dig in.

The ever shrinking Melitopol pocket.  The city is still holding out, tying down a good number of Axis units along way front the main front.

These charts manage the airforces, reinforcements and a few other things.  Axis VPs stand at 86 which is in the marginal victory  space, but there are still 21 turns to go.  The airforces are much reduced, due to withdrawals on the Axis side.  The number of eliminated units is astronomic for the Soviets. 

But here I must leave it as I'm off on holidays!

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