Friday, September 4, 2015

Kiev to Rostov - Turns 54 and 55

The Battle for Kharkov continues as the Axis also attempt a push into the Donbas.

By the end of Turn 54 the Soviet have moved troops to strengthen the Donbas.  The Axis have moved closer to Kharkov, however in an exciting development the Soviets have encircled the Axis left flank.  The weather has remained clear and Dnepropetrovsk is still holding out.

End of Turn 55 and a storm is coming.  The Axis have pulled back their panzer divisions from their failed attempt to break into the Donbas.  They are now trying to save their trapped troops which has seen some reduction and expansion by the Soviets.  This has certainly taken the pressure off Kharkov.

We roll for the weather for Turn 56 and it is mud and storm.  

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