Thursday, September 24, 2015

Three into Two

Last night Simon took an RE 8 and I took a Sopwith Snipe up against Stephen N in an Albatross D2, Mark B in a Hannover IIIa and Matthew in a Halberstadt CL II.

Snipe is in the middle, Halberstadt is the yellow plane, the Hannover the purple one, the RE 8 in the top left hand corner and the Albatross top middle.

While the RE 8 tangles with two of the enemy, I close in on the Halberstadt.

A bit too close.

It's a hard way to get a kill, but a kill is a kill.

The remaining two German planes go for their own close encounter.

It does them no good.

I set my sights on the damaged Albatross.

Down it goes.  

But there is one German remaining...

The chase is on...

But it got away.

A game decided by collisions.

And now for the leaderboard:

I realise there is a bit of  a flaw with the leaderboard as it only contains the games I play in.  Oh well, it is my leaderboard and my blog so that's fair.

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