Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Amer Com Sd.Kfz.250

Passing through a newsagency the other day I came across this magazine which included this great model of a classic WW2 German halftrack.  Even though I am trying to resist accumulating more 1/72 nd scale WW2 items (in favour of at least getting my 15mm Australians operational) I just couldn’t resist it for the price. 
I expected some trouble getting it off the base, but it was screwed on a simple job to unscrew it.  Now all I have to do is build the larger formation around it. 

The manufacturer is a Polish company and after a little searching I found their website:


  1. Does Rommel know you have stolen his wagon?

  2. I've got the Matchbox DAK set which has a good Rommel like figure, plus I have the old Airfix one that came with their original DAK set, so I suppose I could give it back. However I was planning on adding it to my European Axis forces. If I see another one I might get it - cheap at that price!