Sunday, May 26, 2013

Burgundian Ordonnance Army

This is a blast from the past.
The full report on the 2nd ACT-NSW DBA Championships can be found here:
My Burgundian Army is currently having two extra units raised so that it can be used for Field of Glory. 

After playing Later Hoplite Greek and variations with WRG 6th and doing the big conversion to WRG 7th I started to collect a medieval army for something diferent.  I settled on Burgundian Ordonnance as, with the high point values of the super heavy knights, not that many figures were required.
For my FOG army all I need is another four bases of knights, same of pike and three generals plua a camp.  I have the figures, just need to finish some conversion work and then paint.  It is one of my projects for 2013.



  1. I can only take credit for the army in the picture above. The report was written by Jason and I think is the 2007 competition. He did a good job on the report, it was a shame to leave it filed away so I thought an airing on my blog was justified.