Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Blucher in Command

For my Napoleon’s Battles 15mm Prussian army I needed to expanded the higher level command and employed some figures by Old Glory to do just that.  This project provided my a second corps commander:


And the Blucher army commander stand including a detachable Blucher. Yet to be used in anger, but should be interesting to see how the extra +3 Excellent general handles things.

The picture above was my first attempt and I realised that Blucher had his hand raised obscuring the anxious artillery man’s face.  In my second attempt the horse got in the way – I guess some figures and not destined for stardom.

With Blucher detached the figure is clear, but now in soft focus.  So it goes.

The space for Blucher is lightly flocked, but is metal and just holds the magnetised enough when he is back with his HQ staff.

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  1. A fine 'rendering' of Old Vorwärts Mark! It's a shame that he is 15 mm or he could do some 'away' leading at our Bautzen game!