Monday, April 15, 2013

Zvedza German 20mm Flak38 Anti-Aircraft gun 1/72 scale

I had looked at the Zvedza products in my local wargames shop, but decided they weren’t for me – I wanted to concentrate on other things and had enough WW2 models to last a lifetime or two.  However, the other week I was browsing and I noticed the price.  It was just after Easter and I had not splurged on any chocolates so I thought I’d treat myself to one of the Zvedza models instead.  The problem then became which one?

I didn’t have this model in my collection so I thought it was a good choice.  I was expecting to be disappointed based on experiences with east European models from many years ago.

On opening the box my immediate thought was “Kinder surprise for wargammers!”  I was expecting one or two pieces and nowhere near the detail I was presented with.

My second surprise was how well everything went together.  That was until I hit the elevating block which I couldn’t get to snap in properly and the sight which seemed happy to pop out whenever the seated gunner was attached.  I ended up using tweezers and a good coat of PVA glue to secure the completed model.

It painted up well and I was very happy with the result and look forward to treating myself to more of the Zvedza range.  I have only partly finished basing it as I am considering adding more crew if I can find suitable figures in my spares boxes.
I used a 60mm square of MDF board as an experiment.  All my circa 1/72nd scale WW2 models and figures are planned to be based on increments of 30mm, more to aid with packing than anything else.  This model would have fitted within 40mm square, but I was thinking from the start of room for the full crew which I understand is around seven men.


  1. Nice work Alan, Zvedza certainly have lifted the bar when it comes to strictly wargame pieces.

    A good selection as well.

  2. I've completed three Zvedza kits so far. Loved em all. I have the British 2pdr AT gun to do as well as their JU88 model.