Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bocage – Part 2

The first planting (Photo taken 10:25 AM 17/12/2012):

The second planting (Photo taken 5:24 PM 17/12/2012):

Detailing commences with a dry brush of Tamiya Flat Earth and the building of the gate out of toothpicks, which was actually quiet fun  (Photo taken 9:57 AM 18/12/2012):

Fence gate finished and flocking commences (Photo taken 1:57 PM 19/12/2012):

Flocking finished.  I was going to do more work on the hedges, but decided they didn’t need it (Photo taken 6:58 PM 19/12/2012):

Bocage finished with matt varnish.  I must make some fields and roads to better show them off, but I’m very happy with the result.  Actually, they turned out much better than I expected.  The surprise “ingredient” was the plastering which ended up looking like tangle tree roots and gives a good earth bank effect I feel.

Perhaps the tubes (which are, after all, just cut up black drinking straws) used to hold the trees could be a slightly smaller diameter, but this is really lost on the table top and besides the hedges are supposed to be a thousand years old so good fat trunks are appropriate.  In the “blown up” photo the source of some of the hedging is a lot more apparent than on the table top; perhaps the old scouring pads need more hacking, but they do provide a bit of body to the hedge which helps in handling (which is also a benefit of the embedded straws).

And as this was my 100th post, and close to my anniversary of starting this blog two years ago, I feel good to present this completed project.


  1. This looks really great. I need to hook myself up with some plaster...

  2. The stuff I use is Polyfilla and comes already mixed which makes it so easy to use. It's great for filling cracks etc round the house and I have only recently started to use it for modelling. The only thing I have done is add a bit of water to get it to flow a bit better. It comes in different size containers and mixes for small or large cracks; the difference is that the large crack plaster seems coarser. I now use it for basing and when I made the machine gun nest and hedge models. It works really well.