Saturday, July 21, 2012

Prussian 12 IR 2nd Brandenburg

Last year I bought a bag of Battle Honors 15mm Prussian Line Infantry Marching (BPR02) which turned out to be enough to do three units for Napoleon’s Battles.  I cleaned them up within a few days of purchase and was dismayed that some had lost their bayonets.  Never mind, I decided these should be the ones I painted first. 

I wanted to do a reserve regiment and settled on the 2nd Brandenburg which was ultimately brought on to the line as regiment number 12.  Apparently they wore a bit of a variety of uniform and equipment, but at least a good proportion had been outfitted from the 1st Brandenburg depot as well as captured French equipment (well, that’s my story, even down to the inspiration for the flag).
I am pleased with the result.  The photos have lightened the blue of the uniform somewhat, but the colour is actually a much darker Prussian blue, as you would expect.
First, two pictures prior to basing and varnishing.

And finally the finished deal, in column, line and march column ready for their Napoleon's Battles encounter.

The last three photos were taken in natural light.  The officer in the third rank in the last picture is saying that the flock is greener on the other side of the board.

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