Sunday, January 8, 2012

50th (Northumbrian) Infantry Division – Part 5

Time marches on and now all the infantry elements have been rebased.  So I now have the three brigades 69th, 151st and 168th for the 50th Division for the Megablitz rules.

These same figures also double up as an infantry company for Crossfire.

I'm also hoping that these same forces can double (or will it be triple) up for Blitzkrieg Commander (rules set has been ordered).

So far only one dedicated transport unit – a reconstructed Matador.  It is the first vehicle I undercoated black before painting.  In another first it is also the first to be varnished.  The matt varnish has a more satin finish to it, but i think that is my fault for not shaking up the can enough.  So it goes.  The infantry used to be gloss.  I didn’t fix the truck to its base.  I um’d and er’d for a long while, but decided not to at this stage.    I’ll keep with the loose look.

The next job is to start on the field artillery regiments, which will be more repair work.

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  1. Excellent work! I look forward to seeing the artillery after you've 'recycled' it.