Sunday, November 22, 2020

Trial of Strength - Summer'45

The game has a variable end date based on Allied progress (an abstract die roll) and how many resources Germany diverts to the Eastern front.  For our game it meant we got three extra turns.  Could the Soviets take Berlin?

Direct attacks towards Berlin have been delayed due to lack of supply, 
a river and the need to move the Soviet air force forward.
Better progress has been made to the south of Berlin.
Note: Berlin is the hex that has the face uop blue aircraft unit on it.

The Soviets now have two hexes on Berlin ready for the big assault.
Meanwhile the rest of the map is being cleaned up of Axis forces.

Hungary is overrun.
The attack on Berlin was unlikely to succeed.
Casualties were inflicted, 
but there were enough German units to absorb them and be able to avoid retreat.

With 10 movement points available and it taking six to launch the attack, no further attack could be made :-(

Excellent game, made extremely challenging by the fog of war (which was further assisted by me not knowing the rules).  I never made use of airborne or naval forces not that historically the Eastern Front is known for such things.

In a bid to preserve a bit of modern abstract wargaming art, here is a scan of the sheet of paper I was using to record replacement points as well as calculate combat factors (an aide memoire to mental arithmetic).


  1. Looks like calculating factors for an old WRG Ancients game! How many casualties per figure and how many fatigue points. Nevertheless, a good game with a tight finish.

    1. Yeah there was a lot of calculating in WRG. In ToS it would have paid if I had been more organised, but you almost need a second players as an intelligence officer' I was surprised by the tight finish. All came down to the Axis being able to fortify Berlin as that adds an extra MP to the attack (so what would have been five and allowed two attacks in a turn, becomes 6 permitting only one attack).