Friday, August 5, 2011

USS Forrestal and Golden Hind

Black and white photos taken in the back garden sometime around 1970.  The oil tanker and the aircraft carrier are long gone, but I still have the row boat from the Golden Hind plus I bought the kit again to have another go at doing it.  I remember I had just about finished and had it sitting on a tall chest of drawers.  The dog went made barking at something and crashed into the furniture and the sailing ship launched itself into the air.  Devastating.  It is a Revell model.

These pictures (and there are a few more golden oldies to come) were lost in a bulky photo album, so getting them out here tells their story and also allows me to get them onto my iPad so they can be seen.  I can then dispose of the photo album and get back some much needed space.

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