Tuesday, May 3, 2011

50th (Northumbrian) Infantry Division – Part 2

I was going along fine until I had a disaster with the 6pdr.  I stupidly thought I could soften the plastic and straighten it out.  Duh!  All I achieved was to shrivel it up.  Grrrr
I have a spare, but no, I now have a mini project to scratch build a replacement leg (?) for it.  I had thought of cheating and hiding it under some camouflage netting or something, but I failed to find any inspiring pictures.
One of the Infantry brigades has progressed well and is now ready for flocking.
As is the Machine Gun Battalion.
I also have most of the bits for the rest of the Division.  Tim made a comment in his introduction to his creation of the 50th: “This is the best of the Matadors in the division - the only one I didn't have to rebuild from near-scrap.”  As you can see scrap has been the main source for my 50th.

There are at least two RA Field Regiments in there, plus something for the Royal Engineers and part of the LAA Regiment.  I can mash-up a third artillery regiment; it is just the bofors and recon elements I am short of (at the moment).


  1. I love the last photo - my kind of division! Keep it up.

  2. Great stuff, added to my list also. Keep em coming.

  3. Easy fix with the trail arm, drape a tarp (tissue paper etc) over it a and on the outside on the ground. Cut some spure into shells and add on top, so they look at the ready.

    Nice post.