Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Airfix Ancient Britons for DBA

I have an old red box that was purpose built for me by my dad to hold some of my wargaming figures.  It’s seen better days, but it is still useful and has a lot of sentimental value.  So when it came time to move house I hung on to it.
It survived the trip and came in handy as a plinth for our Xmas tree (grumble grumble).  A couple of weeks later I was using to help sort out my figures and I was shocked to find hiding at the back of the top shelf my Ancient Briton DBA army I had built in a fit of madness from old Airfix Ancient Britons.  Not a single breakage, which is amazing as there were some conversions amongst them that could only have contributed to their fragility.  I’m sure they did not travel over from Canberra in that box; I must have emptied them out of another box and then forgot about them.
For the record the pictured army comprises CnC LCh, 2xLCh, 5x3Wb, 2x2LH and 2x2Ps.
This army has never been used in anger.
Here is a link which has a description of the DBA Ancient British Army
Here is a link to a beautifully painted 15mm DBA Ancient British Army
Sadly my army is missing the fun bits: Boudicca, her daughters, druids, sacrificing druids and screaming women.  I do need to make a camp for my army and these might feature in it.
I also need to build an opposing army and, of course, it has to the Airfix Romans.  Here is a link to get me started: http://www.fanaticus.org/DBA/armies/II49.html

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