How I was able to get my blog page bigger

I have been struggling with how to fit a Table from WORD into my blog without overflowing.  Normally Blogger is great a resizing, but not with my table.

After numerous failed attempts, included mucking about with HTML, I found the magic words were "body size".

The master document is in WORD and to get it to fit I changed the body size in Blogger.  This is how I did that:

Step 1 - Go to your Blogger dashboard and click the "Options" button beside your blog title. Select the "Template" option.

Step 2 - Click the "Customize" button under the Live On Blog thumbnail.

Step 3 - Click "Adjust Widths" on the left sidebar. This will take you to a page with two slides: one for the entire width of the template, and one just for the sidebar. If your template has multiple sidebars, there will be a slider for each sidebar.

Step 4 - Slide the "Entire Blog" to the right to make the template wider or to the left to make it smaller. Each template has a minimum and a maximum width that you cannot exceed.

Step 5 - Change the sidebar widths to work in proportion to your layout.

Step 6 - Click "Apply to Blog" to save the width changes to your blog.

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