Sunday, October 25, 2015

Take to the air - take two

This was my third game during yesterday's NWS games day.

Bigger game this time, six German planes versus four British.  Stephen and James had three planes each, myself and Simon had two.  This time I had a Camel and a Triplane.  Again we had ace abilities.

Stephen photographing the set up.

Cloud was really just for show.

The first pass.

Trying for an arty shot.

My planes are pouring in fire on the Germans.

Every which way.

Got one!

One of Simon's planes is on fire.

This corner was about to become a graveyard.

I got another...

More planes in flames.

I'm too far away from this combat unfortunately.

It is now four planes against four.

Although my two are out of it.

Down goes a third German plane.

And then a fourth.

The British two seater, after suffering a lot of fire damage. goes down.

But a fifth German is shot down.

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