Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Encirclement Scenario with Blitzkrieg Commander

On Monday Richard organised a game base on Scenario 8 in the Blitzkrieg Commander rules - encirclement.  He took his early war Poles and Mark W and I each took a pincer of the encircling Germans.

The right hand pincer force that I had command of - PzIIs and motorised infantry.

The Poles intent on breaking out.

The left pincer, PzIs and leg infantry.

After failing to enter on turn 1 I made a cautious entry on turn 2.  The other pincer had more success, aided by having the CO with them.

The Poles stall on the wood edge.

My force comes under fire.

We make it to the edge of the wood and start to deploy.

The Poles attack and beat us off.

My force comes under increased fire.

Aided by failed Polish command rolls we are able to regroup.

But the casualties keep mounting.

Then at the worse possible moment the Poles have a command blunder that sees them pull back.

While my force had taken the brunt of the fighting, the left pincer had done excellent work in closing the circle.  A further tardy command roll doomed the Poles to entrapment and after twelve turns that was it.  While BKC has a level of abstraction it seems to work and the early war forces were fun to use and the absence of artillery made it a much more interesting game.


  1. Great looking game Mark. Your figures mate?

    1. Thanks. Everything was from Richard's collection.

  2. The only game of BC I've ever done anything and you fail to mention the right wing annihilated the Polish left. Shame :)

    1. Ah, seems the news crew were travelling with my group :-)

      But yes, your wing did extremely well.

  3. Shame the German tanks are all in plain panzer grey as the large brown splodges make them look much nicer.

    1. But panzer grey is the classic colour :-)

      They look good with the fiery red "splodges"