Sunday, October 25, 2015

DBA Agincourt

The anniversary of the battle is around now and I had intended to try something, but left it too late and was distracted by too many other things.  So just settled for a standard DBA 2.2 game of 100 Years War English versus Medieval French with an Agincourt battlefield layout and OOB (sourced from

Stephen took the French.  All the figures are standins from my Burgundian and Dark Ages collections (Tin Soldier figures).

There was a party going on in the background.  We were playing on the terrace at the North Perth Bowls and Recreation Club

Historical outcome, especially when Stephen rolled a series of ones.


  1. Excellent, around two weeks ago I used a similar thing from Fanaticus and the swapped the rules for the Fantasy set KIngs of War. I played against one of the lads at the club and as the French promptly got snotted. Glad to see history repeat time and again.

    1. I hope your game lasted longer than ours. We spent more time setting up the trees.