Friday, October 16, 2015

Kiev to Rostov - Turns 56, 57 and 58

It had been a while since our last game, but the push must go one, as muddy as the weather now is...

The Axis made a series of attacks focused on Kharkov.  They had limited success.

Down south these cities were still holding out, but Zaporozhy was soon to surrender.

End of Turn 57 and the Axis again made a full on attack trying to break into the Kharkov salient from the southern flank.  It again met with limited success.  They pulled back further south to avoid the possibility of Soviet attacks.

Turn 58 and the weather was clear, but this seemed to make the Axis attacks on Kharkov even less successful.  Five assaults all failed to make any impression.  The Soviets have also been able to reinforce.  On the northern flank of Kharkov the Axis had mixed success, pushing in some Soviet defenses, but seeing their flanks threatened.

The Axis have a lot of artillery, but need supplies to be able to use it and supplies are getting scarce.  At least they have a rail head up to the Kharkov position.

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