Thursday, October 15, 2015

Shot Down

The day started when I received the results of my latest move in the Wings of Glory PBEM game - Shot Down (I will do a post on this game later).  So it was perhaps foolhardy to take to the skies, eh table, for a face to face game last night.

My Hanover makes a first pass against Camel flown by Matthew.

The bigger picture.  Mark B in the yellow Halberstadt and myself have to stop the RE8 flown by Stephen N from taking photos.  The RE8 has two Camel escorts flown by Paul and Matthew.

The Halberstadt gets the first shots in on the RE8

I'm coming round for a second pass.

My fellow flyer has set the RE8 on fire.  Can I finish it off?

We all get a little too close for comfort.

I'm just to close to fire on the RE8 and my companion looks to be in trouble with flames leaping out of his plane.

Shot down!  Matthew gets his first kill.

After this the other German plane burns to a crisp.  Not sure who gets the kill, but Matthew was getting in some sustained bursts which produced the fire so I'm awarding him a second kill.

The Allies were cutting it close with both Stephen N and Matthew one away from their planes breaking up.  Paul's plane was halfway.


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