Saturday, September 24, 2016

Early Macedonian Successor versus Classical Indians (Again)

But can I win?

Mark Woods has deployed his army in three divisions: archers, chariots and elephants

My Thracians face the archers across some fields.

My centre pike await the chariots.

While my right flank pike await the elephants.

Trying an outflank on the left with the Thracian light cavalry 
and even the Macedonian cavalry if it can get a move on

The centres move slowly closer

On the right I'm trying an out flank with the Greek light cavalry

My Thracians bearing down on the Indian archers

A bit of skirmishing in the centre

The elephants

After a promising start two units of Thracians are destroyed.

The remaining Thracian and Peltasts comprising my left flank are in trouble.

But the central pike grinds on.
Best to get into action before its left flank is exposed.

Things are developing slowly on the right.

Did I say the Macedonian heavy cavalry needed to get a move on?
They have failed four Discipline Tests in a row.

The Indian Palace Guard have wiped out all before them.
My left flank is on the verge of collapse (one point form breaking)

My skirmishers are run down by the Indian Chariots

I'm slowly getting closer to the elephants

Looking down the field from the left flank

Missile fire form the elephants is as ferocious as the beasts

Bruised, the pike and Hoplites attack.

And in the centre the chariots are engaged.
The Indian Palace Guard is bearing down on the exposed left flank.

The Cretan archers try and bravely hold the field

Many elephants are slaughtered

But then the centre commander decides he is having a bad day.

The flank attack by the Palace Guard failed when I threw a miraculous 1 for the Cohesion Test.
(My two Rolls of Destiny had been used earlier trying to save the Thracians).

My cavalry arrives and pushes back the Indian right flank

The fighting is fierce in the centre.

And equally so on the right.

The remains of my left flank command

The remains of the Indian army

Both the Indian centre and left flank have been routed.

Victory snatched from the jaws of defeat.


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Early Macedonian Successor versus Justinian Byzantine

Another game at the club that did not end well.

It got off to a good start when Olivier rolled a double one
 and had his Genius CinC downgraded.

I shouldn't have laughed.  
My first roll saw one of my commanders downgraded.

Bird's eye view and my peltasts are giving his cavalry some woe.

My plan was to advance on my right 
and it started well when my peltasts routed a unit of enemy cavalry.
This caused the enemy to pullback.

Another downgrade.

I pull back my cavalry on my left while slowly angling my infantry.

It is looking very promising on the right.  
The enemy's withdrawal has put them in disorder.

The black cloak peltasts went in for the kill, suffered a scratch and threw a six on the Cohesion Test.
A call to the Gods did not fix it.  The whites cloaks shuffled over to fill the gap.

Not much is happening on the left.
However I do find out the bulk of the cavalry is Grade A
and that it was Andrew's winning army from the Cancon tournament...
(on loan to Olivier)

But I get a chance and send in my cavalry when the Byzantine is disordered by over extending.

My Thracians have closed in on the Byzantine left and it's looking good.

Eh, maybe not so good.  A carefully synchronised attack fails to achieve a breakthrough when my Thracians both roll high on their cohesion tests.  Again, a call to the Gods achieved nothing.

I thought I best hurry to close in the centre.
All I got was disordered.

My Thessalian cavalry have routed (another six on the Cohesion Test).
Even my pike seem unable to hurt the enemy cavalry although they give Olivier a shock.

That Byzantine cavalry unit, with the CinC, has just ridden down the hoplites protecting the pike block's flank (again I threw a six for the Cohesion Test, not that it was necessary given the spearmen were hit in the flank).

Time to call it quits.

We had a wonderful time getting ourselves into a muddle over the Discipline Test for the A.
My take is as follows:
One move - no test as per normal
Second move - Discipline Test required, must throw 3 or higher for A plus one for the General so they will pass on a 2 or more.
Third move - Discipline Test required and the score to pass is increased by 1.  So a 3 is required for A class with General.

Our confusion came from the application of the +1 to the result that is needed.  It only comes in after the second move.  The second move does not count as a +1.  A fourth move would attract a +2.

In our game the the Byzantine cavalry rolled a 2 after their second move and then a 3 after their third move.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

My first serious wargame figures

These two Stadden 30mm metal figures are the first serious wargame figures that I painted.  Mum and dad got them for me from the Barbican Museum, Burradoo near Bowral in NSW, January 1972 along with the Funcken book L'Uniforme et les Armes des Soldats du Premier Empire, Volume 2 (and it really was in French). I used this book as a guide to paint these figures (and still use it today).

FC 07 Officer charging Mounted
WF 11 Drummer advancing Foot

The officer's sword has been broken and repaired.

He was very unstable and so I've provided a bigger base so he can safely go in my display cabinet.
I used used clear plastic as I didn't want to detract from the original figure.  
I'm amazed to see I actually applied some flock to the base.  It would have been a first, experimental test of such an advanced modelling technique.

I liked the reflection.

The horse is done in oils, but the rest would be a mixture of Humbrol or Airfix enamels.

Never actually used in a game, but never say never.