Thursday, December 1, 2016

Songs of Blue on Blue

For this game I tried something different using my Dutch-Belgians to engage some Prussians skillfully commanded by Mark B.  The basis for the game was to try out more figures.  The basis for the scenario was the unfortunate friendly fire incidents that occurred between the Allied troops on Wellington's left wing and the advancing Prussians at the Battle of Waterloo.

Both sides had an officer, flag bearer, drummer and ten infantrymen.  All infantry were green.

The Blue Team 
(out of focus, but hopefully adds to the confusion - that's my spin on my crappy camera skills)

Another Blue Team.

The Belgian Officer sends his men down a lane way to confront what must be Grouchy's advance guard.

The Prussians take fire from what they assume must be the French.
Quickly they take cover in the orchard.
The Prussian officer displays courage and becomes the target for enemy fire.

The Prussian Officer wisely takes cover after being knocked down by one shot and narrowly missing a second.  The Prussian infantry had fallen back after seeing one of the comrades killed out right, but quickly regrouped.

Then it was the time for the Belgians to fall back after seeing one of their comrades senselessly slaughtered with a single shot.

As the Belgians rallied round the flag, their officer yelled out "Wait a minute..."

The Prussian officer, realising the dreadful mistake, yelled out to his remaining men to cease fire.  
He then called out to the Belgian officer asking if he was all right.

But an answer there came not
For he had been shot.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Early Macedonian Successor versus Burgundians

Battle of the pikes in my second league game, this time against Andrew's Burgundians.

There is broken ground on my right and an impassable lake on my left. 
There are lots of longbow to my centre.

My peltasts have to run the longbow gauntlet.

First blood to the Burgundians.

But their genius commander turns out to be just an expert.

My screening force of light foot and skirmishers, 
while doing their job, are starting to thin out.

I hurry up my right wing heavy foot 
only to see them go disordered.

On the left I've sent some Greek light cavalry on a sweep.

A very wide sweep.
At least they took one of the longbow units out of the Burgundian line
and didn't get themselves in any trouble.

My peltasts are coming to grips with the longbow.

And the pikes go in!

Might right wing is doing well, although they are having trouble rallying

Javelin skirmishers - love em!

My expert CinC is just having a fair day.

One unit of Hoplites on my left has been chewed up.
My right is having trouble finding targets

The end of the left wing.

But it is damn close! 
However I was just not able to get in and do enough damage.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Songs of Drums and Shakos Over a Hill

Much like the last game, although this time I've read the rules.  We had 235 points a side which gave the French (my team) a squad of seven and the Prussians, ably commanded by Mark B, eight figures.

Each side was different in their abilities.

The French commander

Using the cover of the hill, the French advance on the Prussians.

The Prussian landwher man the wall and start delivering some telling volleys,
 while the Prussian jager gain the hill and deliver some accurate shots.

The Prussians maintain the pressure, 
however the white puffs of smoke indicate they need to spend time to reload.

The French attempt to fight back.

Two French grenadiers gain the hill and hand to hand combat ensues.

It was an exciting fight for the hill.

The French won the hill, but...

Losses had been high, too high.

The French commander orders a retreat.
Sound the drums, but marching feet...

There came none.

Excellent game for a club night, just need a bit more practise and some extra troops to say double the forces available and then perhaps have a bit of campaign.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Fallschirmjager for Crete - One standard equals one company

I've started to work through my haul of Fallschirmjagers.  First up some HMG for them, necessary for both Blitzkrieg Commander and Crossfire.

I wasn't sure how they were going to turn out and I have some challenges matching paints, but I'm very pleased with the results with what is a fairly basic paint job.  I think it's the tufts.

But the real challenge has been to work out what to do with them in regards to an OOB.

My first project is to go for one base is one company using the GMT Operation Mercury OOB.  While I still have a good amount of work to to, I can readily do all except the formations that came on the second day (the 5th Gebirgs Division).

 This is mostly the 3rd Fallschirmjäger Regiment.

This is mostly the 1st Fallschirmjäger Regiment.

This is the Luftlande Sturmregiment.
I might paint this collection up in later war uniforms just for something different.

This is mostly the 2nd Fallschirmjäger Regiment.

Odds and sods.

At this scale it would be interesting to see if I could work out something using Megablitz, but that is more at the battalion level.  However Blitzkrieg Commander would lend itself to this scale with a bit of thought around the scenario.

Next is to work out a one base equals a platoon (Blitzkrieg Commander) and one base equals one squad (Crossfire).

And now having thought of it, one base equals one battalion (Megablitz).