Thursday, August 25, 2016

Quick Wings

Wednesday night's game at the club.  It had been a long day with the Impetus game earlier, so a quick game would be a good game.

I'm in B10 hanging back to let my compatriot, flown by Paul, 
take on the pair of Hun two-seaters flown by Stephen

A single long range shots sets my crate on fire and 
Paul has flown off (not his fault, his rudder jammed).

Luckily the Hum suffer some jammed guns.

I'm coming round but Paul has flown off again.

Narrow miss.

Finally I get to see some results from the machine gun bursts I've been sending the enemy's way.

At least we've broken up the Hun formation, but being two-seaters 
they can bring fire to bear from almost any angle.

At least I've now been able to put my fire out 
(and very luckily the damage was insignificant)

Revenge.  That was Paul's work, but I'm happy to see it.

I've taken a bit of damage and I'm thinking of heading for home

But I do an Immelmann turn and head back into the action.

The dog fight continues

Paul and I narrowly miss colliding.

Those flames seem to be burning brighter?

The flaming German plane is sinking lower...

And is down

But I've had enough

As I leave I see in the rear view mirror (well I would of if I had one) 
Paul collide with the remaining Jerry plane.

They survive, but only just and follow my lead to return to base.

Wings of Glory, always a fun game.

Macedonians versus Persians

Yesterday my Greeks formed themselves as a 550 point Early Macedonian Successor army and faced off against Richard's Persians.

The Persian horde.

The Early Macedonians.

I moved forward and of course one of my commands stumbled and became disordered.

A nice patch of broken ground on my right flank gave plenty of room for my Peltasts and Thracians to play.

On my left two enemy units of Cretans suddenly appeared when they had been found to be missing from the deployment.  Maybe advancing my Greek light cavalry into that rocky ground was not such a good idea...

Skirmishing commences on the right,  The Persians are yet to master the interpenetration rules for Light Foot.

Back on the left and what were skirmishers suddenly morph into enemy Light Foot.  Interesting.  (The last of the deployment snafus).

So far the chucking of javelins and throwing of stones on the right is ineffective.

It's get interesting on the left as my pike and hoplites grind forward.

The Persians have brought up additional missile troops on the right, but things are still pretty harmless.


Ah ha, that's why it's called Macedonian Successor.  There has just been a succession of commanders.
I should say that by this stage the Persian C-in-C had been down graded to incompetent, but later one of the Persian sub-commanders was raised to expert.

In go the scythed chariots.

Fighting has commenced on the left as well where the enemy Light Foot find themselves no match for a pike block.

The shooting has hotted up.  I just need these guys to hold out while my infantry on the left and centre get to grips with the enemy.

The view from the Persian side for a change.  My Thessalian cavalry trying to cover the flank of the infantry.

The Greek right as seen from the Persian side.

My infantry on the left are triumphant and the enemy right collapses.

But they did do some damage before they fled.

On the right things got very interesting.  My peltasts suffered, but the Thracians were able to extract revenge.

The Persian guard meet my hoplites in the centre.

The enemy are almost broken and my left needs time to reorder.

The Thracians swarm forward and push the enemy to breaking point.

The final scene 

The game played a bit slower than usual.  I think I'm still hankering after a bigger value for U, the movement measure, however I now also realise that U=1 cm is perfectly in tune with base depths.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Jedko Russian Campaign - Conclusion

We recommenced with the end of 1942 which saw the Soviets break a hole in the centre.

By the end of 1943 the Axis were holding off defeat by just one city.  Odessa had become the focal point and they crushed an initial Soviet offensive only to find they had left open the way to Bucharest. 

The 1st Guards Tank Army has moved its full seven factors.  On its second impulse it can move another two hexes and capture the city.  To cap it off, the November/December turn had been clear weather.

Classic game.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Brunswickers for Blucher

After lots of angst I took the plunge and (I know it's cheating) "painted" up some 6mm Heroics and Ros figures for the three Brunswick brigades that took part in the Waterloo campaign.

The angst was not in the painting but in the basing and positioning (unit representation) of figures as well as deciding to go with a three by two inch base.  One of the reasons for that size base is that it works in well with the Napoleon's Battles rules.

The basing compound is plaster and then over painted with a few different shades of green.  I ended up going lighter and brighter as I think the 6mm figures need it.

As for representation, 12 infantry equal a battalion and 3 cavalry a squadron and one gun a battery.

I think 6mm look good from a distance.

One squadron of Uhlans and four of Hussars.

The man himself.  
It will do as the divisional commander for Napoleon's Battles as well as the Hero base for Blucher.
 (I'm not sure how heroes work in Blucher, but easily doing the stand is the beauty of 6mm).

Buttlar's Brigade incorporating Lieb Battalion, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Light and Heinemann's Horse Artillery battery

Specht's brigade incorporating the Avantgarde, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Line and Moll's Foot Artillery.
I had fun doing the flags and collars which is the only distinction at this scale.

The view from the rear.

The 6mm bases shown with the Blucher unit cards.

If these bases ever get used I will probably either make up a roster or attach a label.

Visually it should be obvious that the infantry brigades have attached artillery (and maybe I shouldn't have done so many skirmishers) and that the cavalry is under strength as per the Blucher rules.

I'm thinking of doing future French and British units on one inch square bases to provide flexibility for Napoleon's Battle rules and also to allow for different configurations for Blucher.  It is also possible I might do a bit more diorama work on the bases, but time will tell.  As it is I'm surprisingly happy with these,