Friday, July 19, 2019

Burgundian Ordonnance versus 100 Years War English

This was the longbow battle.  As it turned out, almost exclusively so.

Yesterday, my Burgundians took on Mark Wood's English (but perhaps of a distinct Scottish extraction) in a 400 point game using Impetus Second Edition.

The English sat on that hill the whole game.

 Turn 1.
On the far left flank of the English is a bombard.
It proceeded to make a mess of the Burgundians.

 Turn 2.
The bombard seems to be hitting with every shot.

 The English bombard commander gets promoted as a result.

 Turn 3.
My crossbowmen eliminated the bombard, but I fear it has wrecked my army.
It fired four times (which includes returning fire on the crossbowmen) and hit every time.
I was lucky my crossbowmen hit it first time.

 Turn 4.
Now I have my vengeance, with my longbowmen picking off the opposition at long range.

 Turn 5.
Units that were previously weakened by the bombard are targeted by the enemy.


 Turn 6.
The attrition is taking a toll, especially on my weakened right hand command.

 The general of which somehow locks in his claim to be an expert.
After this his command breaks...

 Turn 7.
We fight on, but it is hopeless.

Turn 8.
All over.

Totally different game to normal.  Commands break when they have lost a third and so it can happen quickly.  Perhaps units breaking due to missile fire should only count half points to the break number?


Now I have a 2nd Edition Army Builder spreadsheet (see here: it turns out my Longbow units should have only counted 1 point towards my armies morale, not 2.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Nikephorian Byzantine versus Late Imperial Roman East

My new generals took my army to face Dave's Romans in yet another tense game Impetus.


 End of the first turn and my army got in the first shot.

By the end of the second turn my army's archery appeared unstoppable.

 But turn three brought this upset.
I had almost double the dice, but could only get one hit.
In the subsequent cohesion tests Dave pulled out all the tricky tactical cards he could.
Result was a major loss to my command.

 Turn three did see a more positive outcome when some of 
my light cavalry ran down all the Roman skirmishers on their right wing.  
They died in the process however, so it was a bit of a Pyrrhic victory.

 Turn four and I had to throw in everything I had to rout this Roman unit.
I did it, but had to use all the rules in the book, plus some Tactical Cards as well.
My cavalry unit, the Byzantine Greys, took two casualties making them exhausted,
but were able to get the one hit on the Roman legion 
that was all that was needed to get an accumulated loss
and their subsequent demise.

The rout of that unit broke the Roman Army's morale,
but it was damn close thing.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Finally some Byzantine generals for my Byzantine Army

Thanks to Graham I can now field some proper generals for my Impetus Second Edition Byzantine armies.  I've gone with round bases, donated by Mark B, as they really just have a notional presence on the table top.

 Three generals, although I will normally only require two for a 400 point army.

 Conveniently colour coded red, gold and purple.

The rear view, how I normally see them on the table top.

They have a planned encounter on Wednesday night.  It will be a test for sure.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Nikephorian Byzantine versus Fatimid Egyptians

Today my Nikephorians took on Mark Wood's Fatimids in a 400 point Impetus Second Edition game.

We both had split our armies into two commands, 
one cavalry, one foot.
The seem to be facing each other off.

 Downgraded again!  
 This will be the last battle in which I use my Burgundian generals to command my Byzantines.

 End of Turn One.
My light cavalry have already scored a hit on the enemy.

 Mark's figures are so well turned out, it seems a shame to shoot them up.

 End of Turn Two.
Lots of archery is underway.

 End of Turn Three.
Still more shooting.

 End of Turn Four.
The Fatimids charge.  
One Byzantine cavalry unit is routed.  
It starts to look grim...

 Desperate fighting by the Burgundian Commander in Chief.
He's been downgraded, but he's still reliable, if a bit out of touch with his troops.

 On my left flank, my new skirmishers are doing really well.
This is a rarity for new troops.

 End of Turn Five.
The initial cavalry clash is over.
The Fatimids still have plenty of fight left in them.

 The Fatimid subgeneral is feeling the love.

End of Turn Six.
That was a really close run thing.

Narrow victory to the Byzantines.  Both sides lost a command, but some additional casualties just tipped the Fatimids over their break point.

The Fatimid infantry had made a promising charge, but just couldn't budge the Byzantine foot.

A second cavalry charge, while causing carnage, left the Fatimids exposed to some deadly fire from the Byzantine light cavalry, which clinched the game for the Nikephorians.

Next time Mark and I plan to run medieval armies and see just how deadly the longbow can be.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019


Two little tanks to join my Italian WW2 forces.

 Dark times


Hello Giovanni, got new motor?

Byzantine Skirmishers

My Byzantine army has been using skirmishers from the Tin Soldier Hellenistic range, Persians to be precise.  This will change now I have recruited these Old Glory figures that are perhaps more fit for purpose.

 Seven bases good to go.

 Slingers (converted from javelinmen)



In Impetus skirmishers are brittle, but very flexible and if you get lucky they can work like a charm.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Ardennes'44 Take 2 via Vassal - On to the Eight Turn Scenario

Morning, December 19th

Artillery resupply goes to the 6th Pz Army with a bit trickling through to 7th Army.  Fuel shortages affect the 116th Panzer Division. In the previous edition, being OOS gave a negative combat shift, in the 3rd Edition that I am using for this game the effect is to halve the attack strength.

No attacks by the 7th Army.

The action is with the 5th Pz Army, which is now covering a broad front.

 The 116th Pz out of fuel, but elements of the 1st SS have broken through.

The 6th Pz Army can make only one attack.

Afternoon, December 19th

There has been a significant pause between turns.  Each time I came back to the game I couldn't decide whether the Germans should consolidate or push on.  A bit silly really, they have no option but to push on.

Each German army gets one artillery unit resupplied.  Fuel shortages hit the Pz Lehr (which is now west of the Ourthe River) and the 12th SS (the 1st SS took its fuel).  So much for pushing on...

The Germans currently hold thirteen Victory Locations.  They need fourteen to win the Eight Turn Scenario.  They risk losing St Hubert, so really need to try and capture two.

The German 7th Army makes one attack in the south.

 The spearhead might be low on fuel, but attacks are still going in.
An SS unit was able to capture Aywaille (far right hand side in above image).
There are critical battles in this sector around the Ourthe River.
(Another three victory locations are in play).

On the northern flank things have hotted up.
The 2nd SS Pz Division has arrived and gone straight into the attack.
The 9th SS Pz Division is using strategic movement to head west.
The 3rd Pz Gren Division is also heading west (currently passing through St Vith).

The US airborne forces launch a counter attack against St Hubert.

The US retook St Hubert, but lost another two Victory Locations, giving the eight turn scenario to the Germans.  A close outcome.

A few other things have happened, such as a breakthrough in the north east (bottom right hand corner of the image) and the surrender of the pocket that was tying up a German division (middle bottom of the image).  

Is this enough to propel the Germans to a campaign victory?  

I'll have to play on to find out...