Sunday, June 25, 2017

Russian Napoleonic Generals and Artillery

These were a purchased back in April, all I needed to do was rebase and perhaps a bit of detailing.

An Army or Wing command, a Corps command
 and three Divisional command stands.

Seven 12# batteries and crew for 6#.

With the five 24 figure infantry brigades I have, these will go nicely to building up a small army.

The figures are Old Glory with maybe one or two ABs amongst the generals.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Three Matildas

An extra that came with my Tunisian force acquisition, now tarted up a bit to match my existing Matildas.

I now have six of these Queens of the Desert which makes a decent force for Blitzkrieg Commander.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Legions of Mars - Adversaries

A bit of history here...

Box lid


The booklet

Back of the box.

Around 1989 my friend Myron gave me this boxed set as a gift.  I think he felt I could put it towards my Barsoom project.  Being a stickler for accuracy I put them aside.

A few years back, my wargames club had a Kris Kringle and I contributed these as I felt they weren't going to ever get painted.  The following year I got them back at the next Kris Kringle.  I took that as a sign.  Since then they have taken on a new meaning as Myron died in a car accident.  So it goes.

Still not painted...

While playing Ligny last Saturday, Craig is talking to Simon about some latest find/purchase which includes guys mounted on parrots or something.  He has no idea what they are.  No one else does.

I go over and have a look and admire the flying guys and the mounted guys and then... Hey, I recognise that figure.  Yep, at least some of them were from the Space 1889 range.

So, perhaps these figures have taken a little step forward.

What really perplexes me is how to handle radium rifles in a basically sword fighting game.  That has been the real block.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

War Between The States - Games Turns 105 to 112

We finished off the Union half of the fourth turn of the 6/63 cycle.  In that cycle losses for the Union were 15 and for the Confederates 12.  Then it was onto the 7/63 cycle.

The Union production

The Confederate production.

All quiet on the Eastern front.

The Union fortify Mobile and besiege New Orleans.

Out in the West the fighting at Jackson continues.
Jackson is defended by General Jackson...
Nashville is besieged.

For this cycle the initiative chits were 2, 3, 6 and 4 for the Union compared to the Confederates continued use of their option to take the 5 chit. Losses were Union 6 to Reb 8.

Production for the 8/63 cycle.  I just see that I have put the Union infantry due 12/63 in the wrong spot, not that it matters.

Confederate reinforcements are starting to thin out...

In the West Sherman keeps fighting to capture Jackson.  It is drawing in a lot of the Confederate reinforcements from Memphis.  Siege train has arrived at Nashville.

All very quiet along the Potomac.

The Confederates ignore Mobile which the Union has now heavily fortified and are trying to recapture Pensacola.  They have also moved to try and break McPherson's siege of New Orleans.  The Union have been able to reinforce McPherson just in time.

For the 8/63 cycle the initiative chits were 6, 4, 4 and 2 for the Union compared to the Confederates continued use of their option to take the 5 chit. Losses were Union 24 to Reb 23.  The fighting at Jackson is where all the casualties are occurring.

Sunday, June 18, 2017


Yesterday at the NWS games day I umpired a game based on the French III and IV Corps, plus the Imperial Guard, attempts to wrest control of St Amand la-Haye, St Amand and Ligny from the Prussian I and II Corps.  The players were James of the ANF, Mark B, Darren, Stephen N and Stephen B respectively.  Simon was expected to put in an appearance as d'Erlon, but we ran out of time.  So it goes.  As can be seen it is a big game to try and do in one day (from 08:00 to 16:00 was our allotted time).

The battlefield from the Prussian side.

And from the French side.

Instead of the standard nine by five table I was using a five by four (actually it is six by four mat, but 12" of the right hand side was not in use - Grouchy was there somewhere keeping von Thielemann occupied).

For the Games Day I had been planning to do a smaller, say 400 point Napoleon's Battles game.  It   would have been about half the size of this Ligny scenario.  The difference was I was going to arrange a pregame map setup using the Blucher Scharnhorst system.  However James is a stickler for historic games and purely by chance I found I had this cutdown scenario for Ligny.  I say cutdown as it is not as big as the Ligny scenario that appeared in Avalon Hill's The General magazine circa 1990.  I couldn't recall where I had got the cutdown scenario from, but have since identified it as Rafael's.  I used his map, notes and basic OOB, although I did change it a bit to go back to the Napoleon's Battles standard cavalry ratio (1 figure represents 80 troopers) and a few other mods based on the research I had done for the Waterloo game back in 2015.

The rules were 2nd Edition with BUA fighting, and brigade self rally and self command rules from the 4th Edition.  I also played that if a general was used in a combat, he stayed with the unit he was attached too.

Vandamme immediately launched attacks on St Amand la-Haye and St Amand.
They were unsuccessful.

Ziethen launched Roeder's cavalry on the French left.
It was uneventful.

Blucher looked on from his vantage point near the windmill.

French heavy cavalry was sent across the stream.
An interesting move...

The Ligny brook was deemed to be one inch wide (100 yards) rough terrain with only infantry and cavalry able to cross and then only in column or march column.  French HC have a 4/1 modifier for rough terrain.  Their formation is also four inches deep, that meant it required at least 16 inches of movement to cross.  In column their move is 13 inches.  It was going to take some time. 

And as can be seen the Prussians have massed a lot of guns.
(Although they were soon blown away by the massed artillery of the Imperial Guard).

A second attack, or was it a third, on St Amand la-Haye met with success.

But attacks on Ligny itself were repulsed.

Fighting continued for St Amand.

The battlefield at end of play.

I felt the game was playing well.  As Game Days are very much social events the focus was on relaxation rather than competitive play.  The players, while all very experienced Napoleonic gamers, were not that familiar with Napoleon's Battles rules (it had been a while since our last game).  Having me as umpire made it all work smoothly and I didn't have to refer to the rule book at all.

We played six turns (15:00 to 17:30).  The French had used one Free Roll, lost 14 bases and 2 artillery.  The Prussians had used three Free Rolls, lost 9 bases, including one unit dispersed, and 5 artillery.  There were about eight turns left to do.

I'm planning to do this game again, especially as I now have all the units labelled etc.

All the figures were mine, apart from the AB Napoleon which was Darren's.  All the terrain was the NWS' apart from the windmill which was mine.


James has provided an excellent report on this game with lots of wonderful photos on the Avon Napoleonic Fellowship blog.  Check it out.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Songs of Goblin Heroes

This week at the club I took my goblins out into an alien landscape.  To meet me were some skellies under the command of Stephen N and a slow bunch orcs lead by Brynden.

My five goblins were heroes, Q4, C3 but with one automatic success.
They were aided by a ghost Q4, C1 and a bug Q3, C4.

The skellies were a mix of iron men Q3, C3, ordinary skellies Q3, C2 and mounted Q4, C3.

The orcs included two tough orcs.  All Q4, C3.

Skellies rush in.

And come to a sticky end.

The orcs are not rushing anywhere.

The body count mounts, with the goblins taking out three skellies for no loss.

The orcs are coming (not).

The bug is dead and the skellies pet dog is in trouble.
The ghost is just about to give it up.

And still the orcs are yet to enter the fighting.

Hero goblins are, well, heros.

Orcs are still a long way away.

Goblins clean up the last skellie.

The thin green line.


Get a move on! 

The goblins go to meet them.

A goblin hero dies a hero's death.

But orcs die too...

There are a few of them though...

Another goblin down, but the orcs look to be in trouble.

However there are more dead goblins than alive and so they do the goblin thing and flee.

Heaps of fun as always.

Having just checked the rules, if a figure is knocked down it still counts for outnumbering and does not give a free disengage.  We thought this was a bit harsh, but having read the rules I understand better what "knocked down" means in the context of the game.

Recoil always seems to be a gift to the recoiler and I think we should use the optional follow up rule next time and perhaps also pay more attention to figure placement when surrounding an enemy (i.e. not leaving any gap they can recoil through).