Sunday, December 10, 2017


Yesterday, along with Mark B and Stephen N, I participated in the ANF's refight of Jena.  I was Soult and this post is very much my segment of the battle.  Mark B was Lannes and was very busy.  James was the other French player.  The Prussians were Mark W, Julian and Stephen.

 Starting positions.
I had eight battalions of infantry, three regiments of cavalry and five batteries.
You can see part of it already on the table at the bottom of the photo.

 And here is all of it about to receive a charge from some Prussian cavalry.

 The Horse Artillery attached to my cavalry division caused a lot of damage to the Prussian cavalry.

 In they went.
I have to say melees really benefit from being marked with cotton wool to give them some gravitas.

The Prussians occupied Neckowitz (I'm guessing that was the name of the village, my map is very black).  However they pulled out shortly after.

 My cavalry won and was pulled back to recover.
I do like using special figures to denote unit status.

 But wait, there's more!
Another Prussian cavalry unit attacks.

 I was lucky that time and was able to beat them off.
Meanwhile my infantry was advancing on the other side of Neckowitz.

 The Prussian cavalry has rallied, but is about to be obliterated by French artillery.
French skirmishers have started to engage the main Prussian force that I am facing.

 A bit of the bigger picture.  
I am very much a self contained corner of the battlefield.
Lannes has smashed the Prussians he was facing over on my left.

 I pushed a battalion into Neckowitz.
The Prussians then advanced aggressively, 
except for one battalion that was left covering their rear in square.

 The Prussian grenadiers made short work of the French defenders of Neckowitz.

 On the Prussian right my troops routed their battalion.  
In the centre my guys kept getting pushed back.  
Artillery was being used to blast the Prussians out of Neckowitz.

 Just to give some context, to the left of my engagement, 
the French are surging forward.

 Again we attack, but get pushed back before we can close.

 The Prussian square suffered from artillery fire and the rules insisted it be charged.
I threw a six to the Prussian one.  Victory!

 And my troops were able to follow up into the backs of these fleeing Prussians,
destroying yet another enemy unit.

The Prussians have two battalions and a battery left,
but then it became time for us to brave the kangaroos and go home.
The Prussians had passed their morale test and so were in for some more punishment.

These big games are lots of fun and the visuals very impressive.  Shako is not my preferred Napoleonic rules and I'm now worried that I will be researching a Napoleon's Battle scenario for this battle.  I think I will need to obtain some better publications first (my Petre book coming a poor third to Napoleon's Apogee: Pascal Bressonnet's Tactical Studies 1806 - Saalfeld, Jena and Auerstadt and Jena Auerstadt: The Triumph of the Eagle by F. G. Hourtoulle).  Might be a late request to Santa coming up.  However I can't see myself sourcing Prussians in bicorns, although I do have one unit so attired that is not yet painted.

Big thanks to the ANF for organising this game and for their hospitality.

Normandy 44 - Turns 17 to Completion

Friday Richard and I completed the GMT Normandy 44 game.

 The weather was overcast.
With the benefit of hindsight I can say that the Commonwealth front has stabilised.

 The US front is where the action is.
Particularly the Cherbourg Peninsula.

 Attacks were still being made by the Commonwealth,
but more a war of attrition to tie up German reserves.

 Is that thin grey line ever going to break?
Finally getting progress against Valognes. 

 The weather is remaining clear.
The Commonwealth have landed all their reinforcements.

 Finally.  Cherbourg is cut off.
However time is running out.

 The weather is still clear.  
At this stage this just means the Allies have extra shifts from airpower in combats.
The British kept attacking Caen and the Canadians sploshed into the flooded river on the far left.
Progress on the sector has been better than historical.

 The race to Cherbourg has been won by the US.
Except for this part, the progress on the US sector has also been better than historical.

This was the penultimate turn.
Wind stopped play at this point.

The red line is the historical advance at the end of the game.
The items circled in yellow are the additional town/city hexes captured by the Allies
 and that give victory points.

 Same goes for the US front.

With one turn still to go, there were six places still German controlled
in the Cherbourg area.

Even if the Germans held all six, the Allies were nine up, and so an Allied victory.  It was close...  A bit more stormy weather...  A few more successful German attacks and desperate defences would have made all the difference.

We did learn as we played so we might have made some early mistakes.  Particularly the difficulty of forcing quality troops from cities and strong points.

A good game with lots of thinking.  Some interesting mechanics that take a bit getting used to.

The Allies' paratroops are key fighting troops and perhaps are used more in the game than they were historically.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Stocktake of Unpainted 6mm Napoleonic Figures

This is a follow on to this post from 2015.

Here is a list of all the unpainted 6mm Napoleonic figures I have.

Packet ID Code Content Description
001 BN25 54 figs inc cmd Highlanders
002 BN20 21 figs inc cmd LC Tarleton
003 BN12 2 models Gun teams
004 BN4 79 figs inc cmd Riflemen skirmishing
005 BN20 22 figs inc cmd LC Tarleton
006 BN3 25 figs 6 guns Foot artillery
007 BN9 30 figs 6 guns RHA
008 BN20 21 figs LC Tarleton
009 SN4 21 figs inc cmd Dragoons bicorns
010 SN4 21 figs inc cmd Dragoons bicorns
011 AN14 53 figs inc cmd Musketeers adv helmets
012 AN13 93 figs inc cmd Musketeers adv shakos
013 AN11 158 figs inc cmd Landwher
014 PN11 51 figs inc cmd Musketeers advancing
015 PN2 50 figs inc cmd Jaegers skirmishing
016 PN11 51 figs inc cmd Musketeers advancing
017 PN13 54 figs inc cmd 1806 Musketeers advancing
018 BN4 51 figs inc cmd Riflemen skirmishing
019 FN27 33 figs Grenadier attacking
020 FN4 71 figs Voltigeur skirmishing
021 FN21 52 figs inc cmd Light infantry marching
022 FN27 52 figs inc cmd Grenadiers attacking
023 FN26 51 figs inc cmd Fusiliers advancing
024 FN6 63 figs inc cmd Chasseurs a Cheval
025 FN33 52 figs inc cmd Grenadiers in greatcoats
026 FN28 52 figs inc cmd Fusiliers in greatcoats
027 FN12 42 figs in cmd Hussards
028 FN13 21 figs inc cmd Line lancers
029 FN2 21 figs inc cmd Guard Polish Lancers
030 FN19 42 figs in cmd Line Dragoons
031 FN19 42 figs in cmd Line Dragoons
032 FN26 104 figs inc cmd Fusiliers advancing
033 FN28 104 figs inc cmd Fusiliers in greatcoats
034 FN14 104 figs inc cmd Fusiliers
035 FN1 52 figs inc cmd Grenadiers
036 FN33 52 figs inc cmd Grenadiers in greatcoats
037 FN4 52 figs inc cmd Voltigeur skirmishing
038 FN8 36 figs 6 guns Guard Foot Artillery
039 FN11 21 figs inc cmd Guard Chasseurs a Cheval
040 FN9 42 figs 6 guns Guard Horse Artillery
041 FN7 21 figs inc cmd Guard Horse Grenadiers
042 FN32 37 figs inc cmd Guard Engineers & Tartars
043 FN24 36 figs inc cmd Guard Marines & Mameluks
044 FN20 51 figs inc cmd Guard Chasseurs a Pied
045 FN2 21 figs inc cmd Guard Polish Lancers
046 BN15 48 figs inc cmd Light infantry skirmishing
047 BN21 58 figs inc cmd Infantry Stovepipe Shako
048 BN1 58 figs inc cmd Infantry Belgic Shako
049 BN21 50 figs inc cmd Infantry Stovepipe Shako
050 BN21 110 figs inc cmd Infantry Stovepipe Shako
051 BN21 90 figs inc cmd Infantry Stovepipe Shako
052 BN21 55 figs inc cmd Infantry Stovepipe Shako
053 BN19 110 figs inc cmd Infantry Stovepipe attacking
054 AN4 42 figs inc cmd Cuirassiers
055 AN7 42 figs inc cmd Hussars
056 AN4 49 figs inc cmd Cuirassiers
057 AN5 105 figs 20 guns Artillery
058 AN10 4 models Gun teams
059 AN8 29 figs Staff
060 AN2 52 figs inc cmd Grenadiers
061 AN15 103 figs inc cmd Grenadiers attacking
062 AN6 39 figs inc cmd Musketeers helmets
063 BN11 26 figs inc cmd Light Dragoons
064 AN3 37 figs inc cmd Jaegers skirmishing
065 Irregular 11 bases
066 BN16 13 figs Officers
067 FN23 56 figures Engineers
068 FN15 9 models Limbers, caissons and teams
069 FN3 85 figs 17 guns Line artillery, 6x6pdrs, 11x12pdrs
070 FN25 84 crew 17 guns Line horse artillery
071 FN18 3 models Wagons and teams
072 FN2 18 figs Guard Polish Lancers
073 FN25 30 crew 6 guns Line horse artillery
074 FN17 35 figs Napoleon and Marshalls
075 FN3 30 crew 6 guns Line artillery
076 FN14 47 figs inc cmd Line Fusiliers
077 FN4 21 figs Voltigeur skirmishing
078 FN27 15 figs Grenadiers advancing

Other Hoplites vs Other Hoplites

Last night Stephen indulged my desire to complete my Six by Six quest by soundly beating one of my Hoplite armies with another of my Hoplite armies.  At least one of my armies won, to quote Mark Woods from our Tuesday game.

 Stephen has the red Hoplites in the distance.

I have some Gauls heroically acting as peltasts.

 Can't focus on everything.

The twisted wrist of the Tin Soldier peltast clearly visible in this shot.

 Twice I almost had the enemy general.

 But things were not going well.

I ended up four down to nil.

We used DBA 3.0 which I'm still coming to terms with.  Not that excuses the woeful performance of one of my armies.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Romans versus Carthaginians 6mm

Today Stephen N and myself were lucky to be able to run Mark Woods' 6mm Romans against his almost finished Carthaginians.

 The two armies deployed.
Sorry about rather too obvious green photo extensions.

 The Roman left is shuffling further left.
The velites have been pushed forward.

 The view from the Roman camp.  
I have the two legions on the left.
Stephen has the two on the right.

 The Romans have their first "win" 
when one of the Carthaginian generals is downgraded (Fair to Poor)

 End of Turn Three as seen from the Carthaginian side.

 The Roman luck continues,
with a second Carthaginian general downgraded.

 It looks like the Carthaginians are intent on attacking first up with their cavalry.
The Roman right is their weaker flank as it has the "penal legion".
Oh, and I allocated this wing to Stephen, funy that.

 It's been bloody.
The Romans have lost three units.
The Carthaginians one.

 Meanwhile on the Roman left, the shuffle has continued to successfully extend the line,
to meet the Carthaginian advance of their Gauls.

 As long as the Carthaginians keep their distance, no one will get hurt.

 Unlike on the Roman right where Stephen is trying to insert his fingers into the fold.
(Aside: I could of edited this out, but it gives a good feel for the scale of the figures).

 Just look at those lovely trees!

 Where did they go?
After looking bad for the Romans,
the Carthaginian cavalry command moral broke.
This was their command where their commander had not been downgraded.

 Attention shifts to the Roman left.
A phalanx of Carthaginian spearmen cause havoc in the Roman lines, 
(far left hand side of the picture)
but the attack of the elephants has been repulsed.

 The Romans can't be seen advancing on the unfinished Carthaginian camp, but they were.
(Aside: a close up you were not meant to see, 
but often a work in progress reveals the true skill of the painter/modeller.)

The Gauls just quite can't make it.
The Romans are lapping round the Carthaginian left flank.
It was time to call it quits.

Great game!

Thank you Mr Woods!