Thursday, October 22, 2015

Second Game of Saga

Brendan borrowed Dave B's Normans and took on my Vikings, which had been painted by David Williams, in a our second trial game.

Six points gave me three units of warriors, one of levies and two Hearthguard.  The Normans fielded less troops, but better quality, including two double units of Hearthguard.

The Normans got stuck into my warriors and made a mess of them - they had double the dice.

My decimated warriors fell back, but my warlord and the Hearthguard counterattacked.

On the other flank Norman warriors got stuck into my levies.

After two and a half turns it was just about over.  Few of the enemy remained, but many of my Vikings had gone to Valhalla in the course of the fighting.


  1. Ouch. Poor Vikings. What are your thoughts on these rules?

    1. It is still early days. Gave a quick decisive game last night which is great for a club game. Seems to have some subtlety to play beyond just rolling a heap of dice.