Friday, October 9, 2015

Old Glory French Horse Artillery

These fill a gap as I found I was short a few French Horse Artillery batteries for the Waterloo game..

A bag of Old Glory provides plenty of figures, but not enough guns for my units.  These guns were ABs painted by Chris H when he was ten, which I happened to have spare.  When I showed the figures to my daughter she said she liked the guns...

Following from the previous post, I'm now feeling my basing style is rather bland.

The uniform is a bit difficult to bring to life at this scale, but I do find the Old Glory figures have a life all of their own once you get some paint on them.

For once I am very happy with the blue.  It is Vallejo Game Color 72.020 Azul Imperial - Imperial Blue.  Thanks Myron for bringing this to my attention.  For highlights I have used Vallejo 70.930 Azul Oscuro - Dark Blue.