Friday, October 23, 2015

Kiev to Rostov - Turns 59, 60 and 61

Despite being the muddy season the weather cleared although this turned out to be a bit iof a mixed blessing for the Axis offensive.

End of Turn 59.  It ws mud and the Soviets had just launched to counterattacks that had failed.  The Axis had one minor advance south of Kharkov, but they are very short on troops.

Final pocket on the Dnepr.

End of Turn 60 and Axis have pulled back to the north of Kharkov. 

The bigger picture end Turn 60.  Axis supply lines are advancing, but little else.

End of Turn 61 and here we called a halt.

The Soviets had established a strong defensive line and were even making some advances north of Kharkov.  They are not strong enough to attack, but well able to defend.

Massive game and I was keen to give it a second go.  To enable that I have downloaded Vassal and happily playing the game hosted by my computer.  I will use Vassal solitaire, but Richard and I might try something later.  There are lots of great boardgames.  Just need the space and time (and a bit of grey matter).

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