Tuesday, September 3, 2013

HAT Napoleonic Cavalry

These are the three sets of HAT cavalry I have: Prussian dragoons and lancers, and French lancers.

Compared to most of my 1/72nd or 20/25mm Napoleonics, these were rather late additions to my collection, but still painted a good ten or twenty years ago (I think I purchased and painted them around the time they came out, so that should date them).  They have never been used in action, although that might change soon (hopefully).

Just for my reference these are units C16, C17 and C14 respectively in what I refer to as my Napoleonic 25mm collection.


  1. Nice figures, we just sold off a load of plastic naps. Hope they are getting used.

  2. Hi
    I also own these same sets. They were from the first times of HaT and are somewhat slender when compared with other 1/72 manufacturers, and even with the later HaT sets. However, the prussian cavaly sets at least, covered an unadressed segment

  3. They look great Mark. While the "toy soldier" style of the early Hat figures is not my favourite, they look great painted and especially on the table. Looking forward to seeing them in their "natural" environment in the not-to-distant!

  4. Thanks for the comments. As you will see I am going through my whole collection and posting up the various units I have in plastic and 20/25mm scale Napoleonics.

    The only other HAT figures I have are their WW2 Russian Tank Riders which I consider to compare more favorably with the better figure ranges available today, but as you note Rafael, the Prussian cavalry sets did address a neglected segment.