Saturday, August 31, 2013

Prussian 3 IR 2nd East Prussian

My second unit of Battle Honors 15mm Prussian Line Infantry (BPR02), painted up as Nr. 3 Zweites Ostpreussisches although the distinction at this scale is a bit challenging, but they do have red shoulder straps and my attempt at brick red for collar and cuffs.  This is 16PrLN in Napoleon’s Battles speak and my final unit will be another 16PrLN painted as the 3rd East Prussian (yellow shoulder straps and I will do the flag in reverse).  The two units will allow me to run up to a 28PrLN unit if the scenario calls for it.

I am still amazed at what the camera does to the VJ Prussian Blue as it is much darker to the naked eye, with the unit appearing almost black clad at a distance of a few feet.