Thursday, August 8, 2013

Alexandrian Macedonian versus Parthian

This was something of an impromptu game of Field of Glory ancients last night with Richard.  He had some new pikemen to try out as allies and I am always happy to give my Tin Soldier Hellenistic figures a work out.  We ran 800 points a side.

Obviously I was heavily outnumbered in cavalry and the luck of the terrain placement saw two fields go down, covering my flanks.  Maybe a defensive posture would pay off?  I checked the rules and found the fields provided virtually no protection, so, aggression would be called for.
On Alexander’s right the Parthian horse archers started things moving by charging the Rhodian slingers who of course evaded safely through the Hypaspists who were guarding this flank.
After a little manoeuvring Alexander was very happy to bring his pikes into action against the enemy pikemen.  It was a seesaw fight with the Macedonian’s initial success proving very difficult to capitalise on while the Parthian cataphracts made repeated charges on the right. The camel mounted troops were just doubling up for a misplaced unit of cataphracts.
On the left the Thracian light cavalry got stuck into the Parthian horse archers with initial success, buying time for their compatriots to move up on the enemy archers located in the enclosed field.
Oh dear.  The Thracian foot got stuck in to things, but the light horse was wiped out (auto broke after a series of casualties).  Those Thessalian heavy cavalry are just redeploying after having found themselves in the way of the foot.  Meanwhile the elite Agema have joined battle with those cataphracts that look like camels.
Back on the right Alexander had lost one of his pike blocks, again worn down by casualties.  Not shown, as it too was wiped out, are the Greek mercenary hoplites that had been on the left of the Macedonian pikemen.  They had charged those cataphracts that look like camels which turned out to be a stupid thing to do.  Alexander is feeling a bit isolated and still those enemy pikemen fight on!  Good work by the new troops.
A major cavalry battle is underway on the left, but things are not going well for the Macedonian horse.  However, in the background the Thracians have swept all before them.  Where are they heading to now?
This was the penultimate blow to the Parthians.  Alexander’s pike were successful and, while unable to save his cavalry, turned to face the enemy cataphracts who were taken in the flank by the remaining unit of mercenary hoplites.

Shielded by the Thracians, Illyrian javelin men captured the Parthian camp, giving victory to Alexander.


It was a close run battle with lots of ebb and flow and every unit being engaged across the breadth of the field.

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