Thursday, August 22, 2013

Alexandrian Macedonian versus Fatimid Egyptian

Last Monday Mark and I played another game of Field of Glory, 800 points.

Some nice agricultural terrain saw a fairly linear deployment, but I am learning and kept Alexander and the bulk of the cavalry in reserve.

On the Macedonian left were the Thracians, light cavalry and medium foot, with orders to head for the vineyards.

The Fatimids were destined to get there first, but the Macedonians did advance at the double.

The Fatimid main battle line, beautifully turned out with flags flying high.

The Thracian cavalry got stuck right in, supported by some Sogdian horse archers.  The enemy light cavalry were supported somewhat better by a unit of lance armed cavalry.

Alexander and the reserve cavalry move to the left where things have developed quickly.  The Thracian foot are now engaged, but having a hard time of it.

A view from the Fatimid side shows the Macedonian phalanx coming on while some supporting hoplites are about to get to blows.

Disaster!  The Macedonian general commanding the Thracian foot is killed and this part of the line collapses. I attribute the poor quality of the above picture to the stress caused to the photographer by this event. 

Only some light infantry archers remain as the broken Thracians flee.  However, note the Macedonian elite Agema cavalry are now fighting on the far left and that in the vineyard the Macedonian hypaspists are locked in combat.  The Thracian light cavalry have (surprisingly) defeated their opponents and can be seen in the extreme rear approaching the enemy camp.

In a further worrying development the hoplites break just before the phalanx gets up.  But the hypaspists have prevailed (note dust kicked up by the heels of their fleeing opponents - okay it is the lip of their movement tray, but a little imagination goes a long way).  The hypaspists are superior drilled troops and it is their turn to move ...

On the left Alexander now has all the cavalry engaged and wins an immediate victory against the Fatimid lancers when he hits them in the flank.

In a literal turn-about the Hypaspists destroy the Fatimid foot that had broken the hoplites.  At the same time the phalanx destroyed its opponents.

A unit of Fatimid lancers is hassled somewhat ineffectively by both mounted and foot archers.  The Agema have taken significant casualties, but the situation on the left has stabilized.

On the right the Macedonian light cavalry drew off the Fatimid cavalry while the second unit of hoplites went into action.  It was a brief fight and the Fatimid foot broke.  The other Fatimid foot is about to be hit in the flank, but by now it was all over.

The left finished up with the Fatimid lancers just short of the Macedonian camp, the Agema in a bit of a standoff, but the other Macedonian units in pursuit.  The Thracian light cavalry are about to return having looted the Fatimid camp.

An amazing battle with some very bloody combats and crucial morale failures by the Fatimids.  The Thracian light cavalry, Macedonian hypaspists and phalanx fought extremely well, winning the battle for Alexander.

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