Monday, September 16, 2013

More Hinchcliffe 25mm Prussian Landwher

Being just a poor student at the time, I couldn't really afford metal figures, but the odd Minifig and Hinchcliffe figure did come my way. I had the start of a unit of Prussian Landwher, but to my horror when, after a goodly passage of time, I went to get more there had been considerable growth.

The figure is PN14, Landwher advancing.  This change in scale put paid to my interest in Hinchcliffe apart from the novelty aspect.  They were fun to paint, or rather took paint well, given their animation.

I have 17 figures painted and based now as singles.  The next step is to give them names and use them for Songs of Drums and Shakos.

This post was inspired by James Fisher's comment on my recent post about my 25mm Metal Prussians: The original 25 mm figures fitted really well with the 1/72nd stuff. Then for some reason, the 'arms race' began and they have not stopped 'growing' ever since. Are the metal manufacturer headed for 54 mm '25 mm' figures or will they stop at the 'new' 28 mm scale? haha!


  1. The grown-up of minatures is almost universal: 1/72 plastics are today like old 25 mm. Luckily, from 'three feet' all look similar :-)