Friday, September 6, 2013

Airfix Figures Converted As Prussian Landwher

This would have to count as one of those "seemed like a good idea at the time" things.  Back in the 1970s I converted a couple of boxes of Airfix AWI Grenadiers to be Prussian Landwher, with the help of Plasticine and nail polish hardener.

Above we have the 3rd and 2nd Elbe Landwher, units codes F11 and F16.  Of course, what happened when I'd finished these?  Airfix released a set of Prussian Landwher ...

The above two pictures are the 1st Silesian Landwher, unit F27.  Nice figures, but not to the same design as the rest of the Airfix Napoleonic range (like the French Grenadier figures that are on the small side).

The last shot is just me taking advantage of the natural light to take a photo without using the flash.  It gives a more natural look, particularly to the Prussian blue (which was probably the Humbrol acrylic).


  1. Hi SoY,
    That is some devotion to our hobby!
    They have aged very well.

    we just recently cleared out our old painted plastic Napoleonic collection at a bring and buy.

    Hopefully someone will be enjoying them.


  2. Top conversions Mark. Those Airfix French were/are extremely durable and adaptable.

    Looking forward to seeing them on a tabletop game soon too!

  3. Early days of conversions with Plasticine and nail Varnish- I don't think we knew about Milliput and certainly there was no Green- Stuff in those days..thanks for the tour down memory lane! Regards. KEV.

  4. Sugar - I missed replying to these comments. Thanks guys!


  5. Brilliant conversions, Mark. Nice to see those figs still in service.