Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ancient Naval Game Using Corvus V2 Rules

I have always wanted to do more naval wargaming, but haven’t had much opportunity.  When the chance came I took it and had a play through solo using cardboard ships so I would be ready for the real thing.

Mark supplied all the models and everything else we needed.  His write-up can be found here: http://stretch76.blogspot.com.au/2013/09/this-was-trial-game-for-society-of.html

My deployment, as the “green force” was to mass in my centre and use my lighter ships to skirmish on the flanks.

Here the Triremes (north) and Trihemiolae (south) are heading off to engage the enemy.

A slightly out of focus shot of the beautifully painted and detailed “green force” flagship.  The Xyston Miniatures 1:600 range of galleys certainly come up well.

My attempt to describe initial action after adding labels using PowerPoint.  There was plenty of action going on as I hope can be seen by this picture.  My massed quinqueremes (5s) did well in shooting up an enemy vessel, but then got split having to avoid the blazing wreck.

Cotton wool has now been used to mark ships on fire.  Hopefully the labels describe the death throes of the “green force”.  All that remains to add is that the Green flagship was sunk and the green Trihemiolae that was coming around sank when it rammed the captured ship.

I think we used all the rules.  The only one that gave us a problem was ramming.  The rule said that a difference of three of more in dice roles meant the rammed ship was sunk.  We settled on this meaning a positive difference of three or more in the ramming ships favour.

The rules did provide a quick game, plenty of decisions and lots of action in what to me at least felt like a naval action.

Clearly it will take more than this one game to stop the boats.

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  1. Looks magnificent, Mark, I didn't see this until now. I will be comparing with Naumachiae rules, let's have a game soon!