Saturday, September 7, 2013

Borodino in 25mm using Napoleon's Battles

These are scans of pictures from a large game fought in the 1990s sometime.  It was a refight of Borodino using Napoleon's battles 1st edition and 25mm figures.  It must have been in the early 90s as I was into 5mm at the time and later swapped into 15mm.

The figures are from David Gray's collection and he hosted the game.  It was either preceded or followed by a refight using 5mm - a game of which I sadly have no photos, although I provided the terrain and some of the figures.

I can't remember the names of all the players or the outcome.  I do remember it was exhausting and that we ate a lot of pizzas.

Anyway, for the historical record, here are the pictures:

Initial deployment from the Russian side.

View from French left.

View from the French side of the initial set up.

Another view from the French left and while not 100% sure, I think this is the wing I commanded as Eugene.

All the figures were metal and I remember the table being weighed down.  The battle is also very cramped as can be seen, especially on the French right.  I can only guess at what is going on in the following pictures.


As luck would have it I did find some photos of the 5mm game and they can be seen here:


  1. Good looking game Mark. It's great that you still have the photos.

    You *are* having fun going through your collection at present aren't you?!

  2. wow that does look impressive SoY!

  3. NB at 25mm scale looks impressive!

  4. It is a real pity I don't have pictures of the 5mm refight. While a lot more practical than 25mm, the visual beauty of the game is very different. I recall a comment from a passing non-player that in 5mm the game looked very grey or something to that effect. You just don't get the colour and splendour of Napoleonic uniforms in 5mm.