Friday, September 13, 2013

25mm Metal Prussians

This is the last of my 1/72nd (or thereabouts) scale Prussian Napoleonics.  These ones are metal and not converted in anyway.  All painted last century.



Hinchcliffe.  After the sameness of the Minfigs castings, I always enjoyed the animation of the Hinchcliffe castings, even if it made them look like they had Gumby arms.  The officer with the telescope is one of my favorite.


Minifigs grenadier command.  Sadly that's all of these types of figures I have so they will never muster as a full unit.

Hinchcliffe and one ring-in - a Prince August casting.

I rather like these guys and really must do a unit of them for my 15mm army.

With these figures I am tempted to base them as singles (easy to do as I just saw the bases up) and use them for Songs of Drums and Shakos skirmish.  That is what I have done with my Hinchcliffe Prussian Landwher.


  1. The original 25 mm figures fitted really well with the 1/72nd stuff. Then for some reason, the 'arms race' began and they have not stopped 'growing' ever since. Are the metal manufacturer headed for 54 mm '25 mm' figures or will they stop at the 'new' 28 mm scale? haha!

    1. I couldn't agree more. Funnily the first Napoleonics I painted were 30mm figures, Staden I think. I've also done a few 54mm figures, but I wanted an army I could fight battles with!

      Your comment inspired me to get out two Hinchcliffe figures that show the "arms race".