Thursday, November 5, 2015

Yak, Yakkity, Yak

Somewhere on the Eastern Front...

My two Yaks come across Stephen N's new ME110 escorted by an FW190 (Stephen B) and an ME109 (Mark B).  

A third Yak (Matthew) can be seen on the far right.

My Yak puts paid to Stephen's new plane.  He's thinking of taking it back to the shop.

The German fighters are out for revenge.

The Focke Wulf rips one of my Yaks to bits.

To assuage his feelings Stephen gets to bring on another ME110 (okay, it's the same one, just recycled)

Going a full speed produces wide turning circles.

But that brings the enemy fighters down on my tail.

And down goes my second Yak.

The lone Yak makes an entrance and sets the ME109 on fire and shoots up the Focke Wulf.  Time for everyone to limp home.


  1. Such a pretty game. The mat adds a lot and it's always interesting to see uncommon planes like the Yak.
    I imagine it wasn't much fun for pilots of either side when bailing out over the Eastern Front.

    1. The mats are really good I must admit. And so easy to set up.

      There is a computer game called Sturmovik and I've tried that a few times - very hard work.

      And yes, not sure of bailed pilots survival rate if behind enemy lines. I imagine not good.