Saturday, November 21, 2015

Kiev to Rostov via Vassal - GT49

The weather is still holding out for the Axis, but they now have to start withdrawing troops, and just when things were starting to look promising.

The Axis have completed converting the rail line as far as Sumy and so should be able to get their supply situation under control.  The remaining panzer divisions made a push to the north of Kharkov (big red line), but are now wary of massed Soviet forces on their flanks (circled in black).  To the south Axis infantry made a few successful probes.  The Soviet lines look extensive, but they are only weakly held.

In the centre the Axis made an initial attack on the Dnepropetrovsk pocket and the Soviets were very unlucky to have two of their key positions surrender (which I've marked with an X).  The Axis need to liquidate this pocket quickly as the troops are much needed elsewhere.

Down south things got a bit more interesting.  The Axis captured Zaporozhe and then started to try and get round the northern flank of the Soviet forces.  The Soviets realising how weak the Axis will be as they withdraw troops to the Crimea, reversed their retreat.  The Axis supply situation down south is not good


  1. Not a game (or series) to which I am familiar but I am enjoying following along, nonetheless!

    1. Thanks. I grew up playing SPI games and well remember trying to do War In Europe with maps placed through out the house. Almost ended in tears when the dog ate a Soviet division.

      GMT make some impressive games and Vassal makes them playable for me. Very intense and amazing game balance and dynamics. Rules are complex, and they are big, but still manageable. Amazing detail.

    2. Never tried SPI's WiE but played many other SPI games. For me, operational Russian front wargames are defined by Europa and OCS. Have not tried any of GMT's WWII operational games. GMT does make terrific games. I have many in my collection.

      VASSAL or Cyberboard does make long distance and asynchronous gaming possible. Much easier than the days of PBM.