Saturday, November 21, 2015

Barmaid and the Blacksmith

Sounds like a title for a Saga scenario.  Anyway, just to show it is not all games, I finally finished these two Reaper Bones figures.  They have been used to provide an imaginary morale boost to my Saga Vikings and I also hope to use them with Songs of Blades and Heroes one day, but for now, enjoy.

The camera has not always focused on what I wanted and the matt varnish went gloss, but the pictures aren't too bad at showing the colours I used (predominantly Jo Sonja range).  I really enjoyed painting these and I'm glad I've now got them finished.  I have a few more fantasy figures in this scale in the pipeline including some I've been working on decades.

Cloud Nine magnetic base has been used, built up with plaster and a bit of sand for texture and a little bit of flock to represent a well trod, but outdoor work area.

I tried to go for a straw strewn floor type of base.

And just to warn you what happens if you consume the six pints in one session.

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