Thursday, November 19, 2015

A French, British and Russian fly into a FW190, ME110 and JU87

This game was a bit of a mishmash, except Stephen N was giving his ME110 a second chance (I was piloting it).  He'd purchased a Spitfire to try out this week.  Matthew was given command of a French plane, I also has a Stuka newly purchased.  Also not shown is a Yak flown (and detailed) by Paul.  The Focke Wulf (Mark B) is flying protection for my two planes which are going after an escaping warship (of origins unknown).

Target in sight.  I have to say the Wings of Glory planes (or Wings of War planes in the case of the Stuka) are beautiful straight out of the box.

Looks like I'm getting a clear run.

The ME110 starts a strafing run (we ignored altitude)

The ME110 overshoots on its return as the Stuka lines up.  The FW is doing a good job of keeping the enemy away.

Bombs away!


Unlike the FW which shot down the Yak (that will teach it for looking so smart).

Brand new Spitfire catches fire...

Stuka's return pass scores a direct hit, but...

The Stuka goes on to collide with the ME110 and comes off the worse, the very worst, for it.

The FW downs the Spitfire and the ME110 shoots up the French plane.

That's all folks!

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