Friday, January 15, 2016

Just the horses

The wannabe trusty steed that appeared in my "Where's William" post now has his full compliment of friends.  As noted in the title, I'm just painting the horses not the bases or harness/saddles etc.

Brown Bay

Anglo-Norman (breed).

Dark Bay

Bright Bay


Blonde Chestnut

Light Bay

The undercoat was Tamiya Matt Black and the colours were constructed from Jo Sonja's and Atelier.

These are my favourite for painting horses as they have a totally different texture, transparency and sheen.  The Raw Dark Sienna went over the Indian Red Oxide to create the chestnuts.  The painting was mainly brushing and dry brushing, the latter being sometimes unintentional due to the heat and lack of air-conditioning in my studio.

This book by Caroline Silver I use for inspiration, although I do use other sources, including photos of real horses I came across on the Internet.  The book is about horses, not painting horses.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. Not sure if I was experimenting or showing off. Best go with the former.

  2. Very nice Mark - I HATE painting horses so you may need to show me your technique over a coffee soon please.

    1. Thanks Carlo. Happy to catch up for coffee any time.

  3. What I admire is the variable reflectivity of the paint - the sheen is brilliant.

    Well done Mark.😙

    1. Thanks. The final effect is from the Atelier paints that have an oil paint like quality to them (not that I'm expert or even if the effect is intended - these paints belonged to my mum and would have good number of years on them and also a period of not being used).